Local Street Favourite in the heart of The Hills

Jo Akbal is one of the most welcoming hosts you will find in a café. Passionate about making the dining experience a memorable one, Jo will ensure everything from your place seating, to your coffee, and your meal is ‘just as you like it’. Even as she raises a growing family, Jo loves being on deck each day to manage the kitchen and ensure customers are happy.

Arthur Street Cafe Welcome

It is no wonder that Arthur Street Café is a favourite amongst locals, although there are also many who will travel for their delicious food with many healthy options.

Located on an ‘old school’ suburban shopping strip is what adds to the homely community feel, and is just one of the many things that makes Arthur Street more of a ‘local’ than today’s modern shopping centre cafes.

Arthur Street Cafe Outside

One of my all-time favourites found at Arthur Street Cafe is the little cookie that comes with every coffee – even if you are dropping in for a quick take away.

served with small cookie

With a substantial menu that lasts all day, you can enjoy a sleep in and have breakfast at 2pm, or brave a hearty burger at 8am. Most noteworthy is the Clean Eating section of the menu. There is such a great range of delicious combinations to turn even the staunchest ‘Meat Eater’ into a Vegan.

The Menu

The Nourish Bowl is a clear example with chickpea and kale falafels, pickled red cabbage, brown rice, pumpkin, baby spinach, poached egg, avocado, seeds and tahini dressing. Colourfully enticing, this dish is a delicious bowl of nutrition. The falafels are baked rather than fried, then warmed on a hotplate to give an exterior crunch to the light and fluffy patties. They do have a slight kick of spice, which is nicely cooled down by the smashed avocado. The fresh spinach alongside the sweet and tangy pickled slaw add another dimension, while the hearty brown rice and baked pumpkin bring a filling level of comfort. Topped off with an oozy poached egg and a sweet tahini sauce, this is one heck of a balanced and beautifully dressed meal.

Chickpea and Kale Falafel, pumpkin, spinach, cabbage, avocado, brown rice, tahini

If you are feeling a little more naughty, the House Fried Chicken is a ‘must try’. The fresh and tender breast chicken is crispy coated and drizzled in a sticky spicy sauce packing a full-on power punch that leaves you wanting more. Cooled down nicely by the creamy slaw, you can always ask for the sauce on the side if you would prefer to regulate the heat. The deliciously fat and crunchy house chips soak up the excess sauce on the plate, and while it might make your eyes water, your mouth will sing with flavour!

Sticky and Spicy Chicken with a creamy slaw and fat chips

The Baked Breakfast Crumble is dessert breakfast at its finest, making it well balanced on both flavour and health benefits. Freshly stewed apple and berries are topped with a toasted crumble including rustic walnuts giving it a robust nutty flavour with a good amount of crunch. The vanilla ricotta is the perfect accompaniment to break through the sweetness of the fruit and add a creamy texture to the dish. Available any time of day, this is a nourishing and comforting kick-start to your day, or a hearty option for larger appetites to conclude your lunch.

Baked with berries, walnut crumble and vanilla ricotta

Home Made Welcome

Because all of the cakes and slices are made in-house by Jo’s mum Jenny Fleming, they add an extra dimension of comfort and warmth to the atmosphere. Additionally, each seating area provides its own unique setting, from the alfresco street front to the open aired light-drenched main café. And the downstairs section provides diners with either quiet seclusion, or the privacy of a good group get-together.

Arthur Street Cafe Downstairs

Whether ducking in for a quick take-away or spending a lazy hour or two with a friend… or many, you can be sure of a warm welcome and a satisfying meal at Arthur Street Cafe.

Arthur Street Café
26 Arthur Street
Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153
P: (02) 9639 2255

Open 7 Days 8am to 4pm (kitchen closes 2:30pm)

As reviewed in Sydney Hills & Hawkesbury Living