Fresh Crisp Apple Cider in our Own Backyard

One of the best things about living in Western Sydney is that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy lush countryside and fresh mountain air. And that’s just what you experience when you take a trip out to Bilpin Cider Co.

Rustic Welcome to Cider Experience

Located on a large family property, owned and operated by Sean Prendergast, Bilpin Cider Co offers a warm and inviting experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Presenting a great Cellar Door experience, you can enjoy cider tastings and friendly staff to walk you through the different varieties available. The full range can be purchased from as little as a cool single bottle out of the fridge, refillable 1L and 2L bottles, or a carry pack of 4 to enjoy with a picnic; to cases of 24 to fill your fridge at home. Local Bilpin Honey is also for sale, and they have created a boutique apple tree nursery with trees available for sale as they mature. The kids will love a walk through the orchard to feed and pat the sheep, goats and alpacas, and they are even catered for in the cider range with a delicious non-alcoholic variety.

Walk through the orchard and meet the animals

Since it began in 2011, this craft cider has been made from the simplest of ingredients – the humble apple. Apples are freshly picked and crushed and then go through a fermentation process. This is created by adding yeast, and then letting the natural sugars of the fruit gradually turn into alcohol. One of my favourite things about this cider is there is no added sugar, concentrates or syrups – just pure fruit.

And this is proven by the taste.

Enjoy straight from the fridge

There are five varieties of Bilpin Cider. The original apple is perfect for all tastes as it is neither too sweet or too dry. Those with a sweet tooth will love the Bilpin Blush Pink Lady variety, which tastes just like sweet pink lady apples, and has a lower alcohol content of 3.5 percent. For those who prefer a drier style there is the Archibald Cloudy Apple. Named after the founder of the Bilpin region, Archibald Bell Jnr, it is made by adding unfiltered and unfermented juice to an initial dry ferment. The Bilpin Pear Cider is also surprisingly dry with distinctive smokey notes. For the kids, and designated drivers there is the Bilpin Non Alcoholic variety, made from freshly crushed Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples, that retains all the sweetness of the fruit without the need for added sugar.

Cider, honey you won't walk away empty handed

If you need time to decide which variety is right for you, you can stroll through the grounds and visit the farm animals, or just breath in the fresh mountain air.

With plenty of guest parking and picnic tables under shady trees, you can bring some lunch and linger a little longer. I recommend enjoying a picnic with family and friends and a crisp fresh cider of your choice, before taking home a few cases at cellar door prices.

Bilpin Cider Co
2369 Bells Line of Road
Bilpin NSW 2758
P: (02) 4567 0704

Open: Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm, Weekends 11am to 4pm

As reviewed in Sydney Hills & Hawkesbury Living