A great addition to this rapidly growing part of Western Sydney

The warm atmosphere accommodates everyone from early morning Tradies, to lunchtime Corporates, and school pick up Parents, and offers a very happy balance for all in the area. The eclectic wall décor of wooded doors, ladders and bric-a-brac, keeps you entertained throughout your stay, and they Segway nicely into Bennett Western Sydney Real Estate, making it very tempting to go house hunting over a coffee or two.

Chef James heads up the team after running restaurants the likes of El Phoenician, and a number of pop up restaurants throughout the region, and brings a wealth of creativity and sophistication to the menu.
Fresh juice is made to your liking with the opportunity to select up to eleven different ingredients for a refreshing and healthy start to your day.

Fresh Juice made to order

The all-day breakfast includes eggs done every way possible, and everything from healthy super bowl and granola, to sweeter French toast and pancakes with a variety of add-ons and options.

Rich and hearty breakfast options include Hot Pot, and Chorizo and Corn Fritters with smashed avocado, aioli, rocket, and tomato salsa. The fritters are full of flavoursome chorizo and flash fried for an added crunchy exterior. Like a really savoury pancake, they are balanced well by the fresh tomato and rocket and creamy texture of smashed avocado. The aioli with a hint of seeded mustard brings the dish together perfectly, and you can add an egg if you’re after an extra protein hit.

Chorizo and Corn Fritters

Lunch includes a great range of mouth-watering burgers, and fries that come in skinny or sweet potato varieties, or the loaded cheesy fries which are a meal in themselves.

The Gangster Reuben with corned beef, sauerkraut, tasty cheese, pickles and Russian dressing provides a perfect balance of flavours. The salty meat, sour cabbage, creamy cheese and sweet dressing combine magnificently on perfectly toasted bread to hold the double layers together. Including the pickles separately is great both visually and according to taste. While I’m not usually a fan, I did give them a try and they were surprisingly sweet and enjoyable, finishing off the dish nicely.

Breakfast Stack

For health nuts, your appropriately named salad combines fruit and greens with feta and walnuts and you can include a meat option if desired.
Specials are updated regularly and include the decadent Nutella Waffles. Two large waffles – so thick that you get both a crunchy exterior and soft and fluffy interior. Caramelised banana, fresh strawberries, marshmallows and a thick swoosh of Nutella and generous scoop of vanilla ice cream bring it all together perfectly.

Serving Schibello Coffee

Cafe BCM provides a reasonably priced, great tasting menu to suit the many and varied clientele of this rapidly growing region.

Cafe BCM
111 Railway Terrace
Schofields, 2762
P: 9838 1798
Open Monday to Thursday 5am to 4:30pm
Friday 5am to 9pm
Saturday 6am to 9pm
Sunday 6am to 3pm