Chef Amiel Ariyan brings a high standard of cafe dining to Rosehill without the high price

Located just off James Ruse Drive down River Road West in Rosehill, the first thing you notice about Cafe XC1 is the Campos Coffee sign, and your heart begins to skip a beat with anticipation. It’s very easy to grab a take away before work, but I love that there is plenty of parking out the back if you’d like to stop and sit under the trees for a while.


Campos coffee

Brewing a good strong long black, the coffee more than lives up to expectation and provides exactly what you need to get your day off to a good start. The rich kick of this fresh brew made me regret not ordering a large.



When you can get eggs done how you like them with your choice of toast for under ten dollars – you know you’re on to something.  All your favourites are represented, from Bacon and Eggs, Avocado on Toast, to healthy Breakfast or Acai Bowls, and their specialty, The Ottoman Special of Fried Eggs, Cucumber, Olives, Sujuk, Haloumi, Tomato, Jam and Fruits served on Turkish Bread.

The impressive Haloumi Stack comes with creamy avocado, and perfectly poached egg, and offers an amazing blend of flavours. The added pesto has a beautiful richness to it and isn’t overpowered with basil flavour, while the sweet roasted tomatoes are balanced well by the salty shavings of Parmesan.


Freshly squeezed juice is available on demand offering any combination of your choice, and includes ice for the perfect fresh daily vitamin hit.


Hearty lunches start from around fifteen dollars, although you will find daily ten dollar take away options, like Spinach Quiche with Side Salad.

Whether you’re after a generous burger and fries or a healthy vegan bowl or poached chicken salad, you’re sure to find something to leave you satisfied.

The Moroccan Lamb Kofta Salad offers a good sized serving of round rissoles bursting with lamb flavour and just the right combination of Moroccan spices. These lie on a bed of beetroot hummus that is so good, I wish they would sell it in jars! The salad of mixed leaves with charred cherry tomatoes, wild rice, capsicum, and chickpeas are dressed beautifully with a perfectly balanced lemon honey mustard dressing.


Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate the display of croissants, banana bread and home-made muffins along with specially made Hazelnut Panna Cotta. Thankfully this comes in it’s own take away container as it is so decadent and rich, that it is best eaten over several sittings. With it’s Nutella sauce topping and fresh strawberries, you had better heavily label and seal it down with lots of duct tape if leaving in a shared work fridge!

If you find yourself in Rosehill, or work in the area every day, you can’t go past Cafe XC1 for a delicious meal and perfectly brewed Campos coffee.

Cafe XC1
Unit 9 / 142 James Ruse Drive (Entry via River Road West)
Rosehill NSW 2142
Open: Monday-Friday  7am to 3pm