You’ll feel like Willy Wonka turned up in Greenacre

Dairee OutsideDairee (pronounced dairy) brings a whole new meaning to the Frozen Yogurt phenomenon. Owned by the same people that brought you ‘Macaroned’ – in fact it’s right next door – Dairee opened in January 2013.

Each week they offer four flavours of frozen yogurt with Sweet Original always available. The flavours are not stock standard, but created in-house after many hours of trial and testing. The result is amazing yogurt flavours that taste so close to the ‘real thing’, you’ll think they’ve just blended it down. Rotating flavours include Watermelon, Green Apple, Pomegranate, Chocolate
Mousse, Redskin Raspberry, Biscotti and Caramel.

But the taste sensation doesn’t stop there.

Crumble Maltesers Honeycomb Flake Oreo NutsDairee are able to create up to 40 different flavour combinations through their unique Dairee Whip technique. Simply pick a flavour from 40 flavours board and they will create it for you, or you can choose one of the four frozen yogurt flavours, and then add up to 3 more flavours from the Dairee Whip board to make your own signature dessert!

To make Salted Caramel Cheesecake, they mix original yogurt with cheesecake flavouring, salted caramel topping and biscuit crumb to create a deliciously frozen dessert that tastes just like salted caramel cheesecake. Ferrero Rocher is made by mixing
Dairee Ferrero Rocher and Salted Caramel Cheesecakeoriginal yogurt with Nutella and topped with chocolate topping
and crushed nuts. With a huge range of fruit, moochi, seeds, nuts, chocolate bars, lollies, sauces and toppings to add in, the combinations become endless – this is the ultimate ‘kid in a candy store’ experience!

If you feel it’s too cool in the winter months to stop by Dairee then think again, because they have Hot Bottoms! (Say what now?) Hot Bottoms are warm desserts with a swirl of frozen yogurt and two toppings of your choice. The Hot Bottoms include a Chocolate or Cinnamon Belgian Waffle, Chocolate Fudge Brownie,
Mini Pancakes or Hot Apple Crumble.

waffles brownie pancakes apple crumbleBeing part of a large Muslim community, it’s important to note that everything at Dairee is Halal, with no pork or beef gelatine, and no alcohol or artificial flavouring used in any of their products.

Mango Mixed Berry Strawberry Watermelon RockmelonFor the health conscious, Dairee have created Fruit Bowls made out of freshly cut Rockmelon, Honeydew Melon or Watermelon and served with your choice of frozen yogurt and two toppings. There is also their Diet Doctor menu of Protein Bars, Yogurts and Smoothies. The ‘everything’ Yogurt is made from your choice of Original, Pomegranate or Coconut yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate, pumpkin seeks, white chia seeds and goji berries – coming in at 296 calories. While the ‘Choc Lunch’ meal replacement smoothie is made from low fat chocolate milk, ice, choc-peanut protein powder, peanut butter and oats.

These guys are passionate about the customer experience and go out of their way to ensure each visitor understands all that is on offer. They are happy to spend whatever time you need to help create your ultimate favourite flavour.

With an outstanding product range, great flavours and excellent service, it’s worth a trip to Greenacre for the extreme Frozen Yogurt experience that you’ll only find at Dairee.

Shop 2/171a Waterloo Road
Greenacre NSW 2190
P: (02) 8188 1260
Open: Tuesday to Sunday Midday to 8pm, Friday & Saturday open till 10pm