Bringing Melbourne’s sophisticated café culture to the Hills.

Melbourne’s leading café franchise has opened in the North Village Square at Kellyville, just off Samantha Riley Drive. While it is a franchise, owner Golchin loves that Degani allows her menu to be unique, tailoring it to what best connects the café to the local community.

Open since December 2017, Degani is a great addition to the local area providing live entertainment Friday nights, and a seasonal menu to add variety for the locals who want to keep coming back and try something different.

Live Entertainment

They are licenced and offer wine tastings along with the live entertainment on Friday nights. Their amazing list of cocktails include espresso and chocolate martinis, pomegranate raspberry or mango guava mojitos, mimosas, appletinis and cosmopolitans.

Breakfast is available until 3pm daily and includes vegetarian and superfood options along with the anticipated stacks, benedicts, omelettes, muesli and pancakes. The list of breakfast extras is so long you could almost make your very own menu item.

Substantial Meals

Lunch and Dinner is served from 11am and includes a range of burgers and salads, along with more substantial meals like the Skewered Lamb. Perfectly cooked squares of lamb boasting a strong BBQ char flavour, yet incredibly tender. Two skewers are paired with Greek influence tzatziki dip and salad with crunchy coated chips and a sweet balsamic dressing.

The hefty 220g Eye Fillet is ‘melt in your mouth’ outstanding, and comes with a sweet red wine jus that has been made in house over four days. The sweetness of the sauce cuts well through the richness of the steak and if it wasn’t for my manners I’d be more than tempted to drink it straight out of the jug. Served with wedges which are perfect at soaking up any extra jus.

The Degani Salmon is pan seared creating a decadent crispy skin and flaky flesh alongside a fresh garden salad and more of those thick chips. The provision of a decent slice of lemon makes for a perfect flavour combination when squeezed generously over the fish.

Seasonsal Specials

From the seasonal specials menu the Poutine are a rare find of thick steakhouse chips, topped with cheese curds and smothered in a rich gravy. You can add pulled pork or pulled beef and make it a full meal, or simply savour the delicious salty cheese curds paired perfectly with the gravy soaked thick cut chips.

Desserts and Cakes

All desserts, cakes and pastries are made in house including the seasonal waffles – with the surprise of cinnamon within, these are well accompanied by berries, a drizzle of Nutella, a generous scoop of ice cream and fun layer of fairy floss.

While the kitchen is open for you to watch all the action, the chefs are professional and work together efficiently so there are no dramas on display.

The atmosphere is bright, uncluttered and stylish, with fun additions like a water station with the old style copper pipe running directly from the roof. The staff are friendly and the service is attentive and swift providing a wonderful night out in the local area.

Degani Kellyville
Shop 1 , The North Village
4 Beaton Road
Kellyville North
Phone: 02 9006 9691
Open: 7am to 5pm Sunday to Wednesday, 7am to 9pm Thursday to Saturday