Charcoal Chicken with a Middle Eastern twist

green, outdoor, signThe most recent of the El Jannah restaurants opened in Blacktown in November 2013, adding to their Granville and Punchbowl franchise, and spans three shop fronts on Flushcombe Road.

The highly identifiable bright green signage and umbrellas attracts people from across the city due to the restaurants’ flavoursome charcoal chicken. On any given day the takeaway service is thriving with customers wanting to take advantage of the lower price for taking your order ‘to go’. That being said, prices are already very reasonable for eating in.

Owners Andrew and Carole Estephan opened their first store at Granville in 1998. Their success saw them soon opening another store in Punchbowl. With an aim for perfection in everything they do, quality ingredients is a top priority. They never stock and store their chicken – but get it in fresh on a daily basis.

Middle Eastern, Lebanese cuisineThe unmistakable aroma attracts all in the vicinity, making it very hard to walk on by.

The chicken is the main attraction. Succulent, juicy chicken with that signature charcoal crispy skin provides an ideal feast for workplace catering, or a tasty meal for one. It is ideally paired with one of their delectable homemade hommous, babaganouj dips, or the crunchy and colourful pickles, assembled to your liking on complimentary piece of flatbread. Salads also provide a great accompaniment – from coleslaw and garden salad to the more exotic tabouli and fattoush salads.

ElJannah Garlic Dip and PicklesWithout a shadow of a doubt the shining star of El Jannah is the legendary garlic sauce. Made from a secret family recipe, you find yourself wanting to put it on everything possible, and are thankful it comes in small, medium and large take home tubs.

In true takeaway style, Burgers, Kebabs (Rolls), Skewers and chips are also on the menu. The EJ Chicken Avocado Burger is worth the extra 40c for adding their very own specialty avocado paste to the regular Chicken Burger. This generous sized burger of two thin fillets of chicken, lettuce and green pickle tastes very fresh and has the same amazing flavour as the charcoal chicken.

Turning it into a meal with a side of chips and drink gives you the perfect potato dippers for that amazing garlic sauce.

two thin fillets of chicken, lettuce, avocado paste and green pickle, with chips, garlic dip and a drink

While the takeaway offers the best value, there are plenty of tables inside and out to enjoy eating in. Sitting under the shade of trees and umbrellas, enjoying the cool breeze on a summer’s day, provides a great vantage point for watching the melting pot of people making their way around Blacktown’s busy streets.

The great tasting food, exceptional service, multicultural atmosphere and value for money make El Jannah well equipped to serve as a popular hotspot for locals.


44-48 Flushcombe Road
Blacktown NSW 2148
P: 8814 9485
Open: Everyday 10am till 11pm

4-8 South Street
Granville NSW 2142
P: 9637 0977
Open: Mon – Sat 10am till Midnight, Sunday 10am till 11pm

701 Punchbowl Road
Punchbowl NSW 2196
P: 9759 2999
Open: Mon – Sat 10am till Midnight, Sunday 10am till 11pm