Fusion of Food and Atmospheres

For a fun day out that is more than just a great dining experience, Frankie’s Food Factory delivers on all counts.

Opening in 2016 in the Flower Power garden centre in Glenhaven, Frankie’s offers a unique encounter that is akin to American diner meets rustic country garden. The large indoor, undercover sun-room and outdoor space with eclectic furnishings, and the indoor kids play area along with the outdoor lake complete with fish and ducks, is interactive and fun whilst still having a homely feel.

Decorating rustic country finishes

The menu greets you with the appearance of American themed favourites of cheeseburgers and southern fried chicken. However on further discovery you’ll find this theme has been fused with favourites from around the world, along with unexpected healthy options. The menu is helpfully labelled with gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Breakfast and Lunch

For breakfast, you won’t be surprised to find bacon and eggs, breakfast burgers and smashed avocado, however on further discovery you’ll also see sourdough pancakes and acai bowls with a Frankie’s twist. Many of the breakfast items are available all day.

Crispy Chicken Tacos

Lunch includes the deliciously fresh tacos with moist chicken encased in a light crumb that isn’t fried to a hard crispy shell, and includes a hint of spice that is not realised until well after the first bite has been devoured. Housed in a lightly toasted tortilla filled with fresh garden ingredients, this dish only has a hint of the naughtiness that you’d expect.

With such a large space, Frankie’s is great for group gatherings, and there are lots of menu items that are ideal for sharing. Like the Arancini Sampler Box with bite sized balls of cheesey goodness. Super crispy on outside, and fluffy and flavour filled on the inside, there is just the right amount of cheese so as not to over-power the other flavours. The Pulled Pork Sliders are also a hit but very sweet for a savoury dish. The pork is well mixed with a sweet BBQ sauce that means they don’t fall apart, and the sweet crisp slaw adds the fresh garden flavour.

Sweet BBQ Pulled Pork and Slaw


My favourite dish is the Chickpea Salad. You can add chicken, but it is a hearty meal all on it’s own, with the rainbow mix of colours and flavours that are so delicious and filling. The hints of bruchetta flavour come from the tomato, onion and balsamic, but are blended well with the cucumber, avocado, feta and garden herbs. The chickpeas add yet another layer of texture and nutty flavour to make this an amazing food experience in every way.

A range of flavours and textures in the chickpea salad


Drinks and Desserts

You can help yourself to cold water and American style Lemonade from a dedicated stand, or indulge in one of their spectacular creations from the drinks menu. Freshly made juices are created with just the right amount of sweetness, so you can feel it doing you good whilst still enjoy the refreshing taste. In the cooler months it’s very hard to go past Frankie’s Hot Chocolate, with real chocolate and loads of marshmallows it tastes like a warm sweet chocolatey hug. The kids (and big kids) will love the loaded shakes that look and taste like a party in a jar.

Each beverage from fresh juice to loaded shakes


Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more, there’s dessert! A sugary feast for the imagination from fried Oreos to Nutella crepes, brownie sundaes to creme brulee, this is where you go to break the diet and have a cheat day. The signature Frankie’s dessert is the Smores Hot Pot. For those familiar with the American treat, this certainly lives up to it’s name. Using a semi-sweet biscuit you break through the crusty marshmallow top to reveal the oozy melted chocolate and marshmallow below. This one is definitely for the sweet tooth and not for the faint of heart!

Wickedly yummy desserts

Whether it be a group celebration, coffee catch up, family outing, or relaxing by yourself with a coffee and good book, Frankie’s picturesque venue can easily be enjoyed for every occasion.

Frankie’s Food Factory
Inside Flower Power Garden Centre
609 Old Northern Road
Glenhaven NSW 2156

Open: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm, Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 5pm

p: 1800 FRANKIES / (02) 9899 2299
e: info@frankiesfoodfactory.com.au
w: http://www.frankiesfoodfactory.com

As reviewed in Sydney Hills & Hawkesbury Living