A harvest of fine dining in the Hawkesbury

One of the most relaxing and beautiful resorts in the Hawkesbury region has a fine dining restaurant that lives up to their 4 ½ star hotel rating.

Taking the 45 mins drive from Sydney’s CBD, the first things you will notice about the Hawkesbury region is time slowing down and the air feeling fresher. The Sebel Hawkesbury Resort and Spa is a gorgeous and expansive location with picturesque gardens, sparkling ponds – complete with flowing fountains, adjacent golf course, day spa, over 100 well-appointed rooms, and great dining options.

For fine dining, Harvest Restaurant serves the region well, providing an elegant first impression of inviting décor that blends colonial themes with contemporary grey and gold hues. During daylight saving I recommend enjoying a window seat to take in the beautiful resort views and twilight sunset.

Sebel Hawkesbury Harvest Restaurant Interior with view

Indian-born Chef Pavan Kapoor has been with the hotel for over 9 years, bringing over 20 years of experience to create seasonal menus that are reflective of his globalised travels. The menu changes every quarter to stay current with food trends and fresh ingredients, and is guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.

Chef’s finest culinary skills are clearly demonstrated in quality ingredients, flavour combinations and plating display, and those with dietary needs will appreciate the indications on the menu like Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Vegetarian, of which there are several options.

Each meal begins with an Amuse-Bouche – a morsel of food designed to entice the senses in anticipation of the great meal to come.

Cream cheese with cherry tomato and salsa verde

Entrees on the Spring Menu include Blue Swimmer Crab Cake with mango, chilli and lime relish and crème fraiche, Tea Smoked Duck with portabello mushroom, poached quail egg and radicchio and the vegetarian Pea and Leek Arancini. The Sashimi of Salmon with baby beetroot, and guacamole is fresh and light with a good variety of textures, however the hero of this dish is the Morton Bay Bug and Lime Mousse – giving the silky smooth sashimi a huge flavour burst. A completely different entrée, but just as enticing, is the Pumpkin Tart with maple syrup, candied bacon and macadamia. Akin to a USA Thanksgiving dish with an Australian twist, the creamy pumpkin and crunchy macadamia on a buttery base is held together and sweetened by the sticky maple syrup, although is thankfully kept at a sweetness level preferred by the Australian palate.

Pumpkin Tart with maple syrup, candied bacon and macadamia

Mains include a choice of every kind of meat – from beef to pork, chicken to seafood and an enticing vegetarian option. On the Spring menu, this option is Ricotta and Sage Gnudi with forest mushrooms, pine nuts and beurre noisette. And it wouldn’t be a Spring menu without Lamb. The Wild Clover Lamb Backstrap is a gluten free dish with smoked eggplant puree, truss tomatoes, baby zucchini and labneh. The Lamb is cooked to your request with simple seasoning to allow you to fully enjoy the accompanying Middle Eastern flavours.

Wild Clover Lamb Backstrap with smoked eggplant puree, truss tomatoes, baby zucchini and labneh

The Confit of Duck Maryland allows the bird to be enjoyed at its fullest as the Confit renders out most of the fat, while keeping the meat tender and moist. On a crispy round rosti of white polenta and accompanied by salty sautéed greens, and sweet baby carrots, this is a hearty and highly enjoyable meal.

crispy round rosti of white polenta and accompanied by salty sautéed greens, and sweet baby carrots

Where possible, try and leave room for one of Chef’s delicious desserts that are not only alluring to the eye, but a symphony of sensation on your tastebuds. It is impossible to decide on a favourite between the rich and creamy Lemon Cheesecake Posset, or the tangy Passionfruit Sorbet in a crunchy Caramel Basket. Then there is the divinely chocolatey Mousse with Hazelnut Macaron or the super buttery Pear Frangipane with Vanilla Gelato. Not only will you want to leave room, but you’ll want to come back to try each one!

Lemon Cheesecake Posset, Passionfruit Sorbet in a Caramel Basket, Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnut Macaron, Pear Frangipane with Vanilla Gelato

The staff are there to attend to every need, from recommending dishes, to matching the perfect wine with your chosen dish. The impeccable service is at the high level you would expect from a hotel, but with the added localised friendliness that is often missing in the city.

With a great variety of dishes and each one a delight, the gastronomic experience at Harvest Restaurant is one that will make you resolve to return again and again.

Harvest Restaurant
Sebel Hawkesbury Resort and Spa
61 Hawkesbury Valley Way
Windsor NSW 2756
P: 4577 1277
Open: Monday to Sunday 6pm to 9pm