Authentic tasting Thai food awaits discovery

The suburbs of Western Sydney hold a quarry of hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. Lalor Thai is one such recent discovery that makes you want to keep going back for more. Located on the main thoroughfare of Johnson Road, in a small strip of Lalor Park shops, their restaurant sign has caught my eye many times as I’ve driven past, but I only recently gave it a try based on a recommendation from a friend.

Refurbished Modern Fixtures Thai ArtworkMy first surprise was the bright and modern interior. Rich red walls are contrasted with modern grey slate, while classic Thai artworks are highlighted by contemporary lighting fixtures.

My next surprise that the owner of an establishment offering ‘authentic Thai’ wasn’t actually Thai himself! Lachlan McKay was born and bred in Western Sydney and has owned the restaurant for over eight years. He puts his success down to having a good eye for potential business prospects and a love of great tasting food. His chefs and staff are from the Thai community, and while they do prepare classic Thai cuisine, it is regularly taste-tested and
customised slightly to suit the Australian palate.

Refurbished in February 2014, the original restaurant has expanded to include an adjoining function room perfect for family gatherings and local business and community group events. The red and black theme continues into this space with the most gorgeous light fixtures really setting off the room.

spring roll, curry puff, satay chicken, money bag and prawn in blanketLalor Thai has only just recently been licensed to sell and serve alcohol, but in the kind of hospitality you only find in the suburbs, they still offer BYO with free corkage – what a bonus!

The food reviews and recommendations for this local favourite raised my expectations pretty high, but I was in no way disappointed. There are over twenty entree items to choose from including soups and salads, so we thought it best to start off with a mixed entree plate. A range of the traditional choices of spring roll, curry puff, satay chicken, money bag and prawn in blanket, offers a tasty array of flavours. The fresh chicken breast topped
with a sweet and salty peanut sauce alludes to an assortment of spices minus any heat, while the curry puffs are so more-ish, I could gobble down an entire serve of these alone! I’m a big fan of money bags and am pleased to see that, rather than just being combined into an unidentifiable paste, you can easily see and taste all the individual ingredients.

For mains, the stir fried Chilli Jam Beef with Chilli and Basil takes the traditional ‘Cashew Nut’ dish to a whole new level. Not only does it add that extra bit of heat to the dish, but you can’t miss the huge flavour hit of thai basil and sweet chilli jam. The tender fresh beef, generous addition of cashews, and exceptional variety of stir fried vegetables make this a very impressive dish.

beef, stir fried vegetables, cashew nuts

The Sweet and Sour Chicken will delight any fan of this Asian favourite. The unique sweet tangy sauce is unlike the overly sweet syrupy versions often found, but that’s what makes it taste even better. The chicken is battered in a thin coating and cooked ‘popcorn’ style to give it a light but textured coating that traps the sauce nicely. Warm salad vegetables of cucumber and tomato are an unexpected twist, but work really well help to cut down the richness of the fried chicken. This dish is simply delicious and will have you going back for more.

All dishes are great for sharing to give you a full flavour experience, and are presented simply on each plate to let the food remain the star attraction. The helpings are substantial, but the staff are always happy to organise any left-overs for you to take away, to enjoy an ongoing treat for the next day’s lunch!

red modern interior and fixturesLachlan and his staff are kept busy every Friday night and weekends, with a steady flow of take away customers right throughout week. If you’re looking for a quiet date night, I recommend visiting on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night.

When thinking about your next party, Lalor Thai not only offers a great atmosphere for that special celebration, but is incredibly affordable with banquet prices starting from less than $20 per person.

With delicious tasting food, inviting tones and reasonable prices, it’s no wonder the locals keep coming back to Lalor Thai!

6/36 Johnson Avenue
Lalor Park NSW 2147
P: 9624 8452 / 9620 5249
Open for Dinner 7 nights 4.30pm – 9.30pm, Lunch Wed, Thurs & Fri 11.30am – 2.30pm