A feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds

Fig Naked Cake salted caramel and popcorn macaron displayMacrons are the delight of many a sweet tooth. These delicate discs of deliciousness are now the popular addition to any catering function or dessert bar. However Sana, the creator of Macaron Delights didn’t even know what a macaron was over a year ago!

Sana is a dedicated mum with a love for baking in general, and is always keen to challenge herself by making something new. Even if she has no idea what it is, she is determined to give it a go, as was the case when her eldest son was getting married. His fiancé was looking to include a dessert bar for her hen’s night.
Sana asked what she might be able to do to help, and the bride-to-be asked if Sana could make some macarons. This was the first time Sana had ever heard of this sweet treat, and had to look them up online – not only to learn how to make them, but to find out what they were!

After a bit of trial and error, Sana created the macarons for the hen’s night party and they were such a hit, that everyone encouraged her to think about making them for more special occasions, and even turn it into a business. And so with the encouragement and help of her children she created ‘Macaron Delights by Sana’, from her Winston Hills home.

Sana has attended Macaron classes by Adriano Zumbo to help perfect her skills, and has since refined her own recipes and styles to use only natural ingredients and reduce the sugar content as much as possible. She has even had a bit of fun by creating the ‘hamburger’ macaron with chocolate flavoured ganache, pawpaw ‘tomato’, mango ‘cheese’ and coconut ‘lettuce’!

macaron with chocolate flavoured ganache, pawpaw tomato, mango cheese and coconut lettuce!

Sana has developed her own special salted caramel recipe that is beautifully decadent, and one of the best I’ve tried. I was privileged to sample the hand painted gold salted caramel which was perfectly rich and salty but Salted caramel, popcorn, raffaellonot too sweet, which is problematic in a way, as it leaves you wanting more and more! The salted caramel popcorn is an amazing experience with the same delicious filling but the added texture of crushed popcorn on the outside. The pink raffaello flavour is a bit sweeter and has a gorgeous milky sweet coconut taste.

Sana also makes chocolate dipped strawberries that are so perfect, you can’t see where the chocolate begins or ends. These were recently used in a wintery ‘Frozen’ theme with macarons in different shades of blue and silver, and perfectly decorated choc-dipped strawberries. And her use of Lebanese sweet trays to display
the macarons gives them a unique look at any special function.

Weddings are a popular demand for Sana, like the recent elegant silver and white wedding towers created with silver luster painted macarons and white chocolate dipped, hand decorated strawberries, with the added flare of fresh flowers.

Silver and white macaroons and chocolate covered strawberries hand decorated and fresh flowers

These beautiful creations are a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds and have caught the eye of many a foodie on social media including Pierrick Boyer – renowned Melbourne Pastry chef best known for le Petit Gateau Patisserie. Pierrick commented on one of Macaron Delight’s posts complimenting her on the creation and feeling inspired to get back and do some baking!

chocolate covered strawberries hand decorated coconutHowever Macaron Delights by Sana does not just make macarons. Everything is made to order – from the latest ‘naked cake’ craze, to fully personalised iced cakes, cannoli, croque-en-bouche and cake pops.

As a one person business, Sana is often unable to keep up with demand, putting all of her heart, passion and imagination into creating each piece. However, her natural artistic flare, and desire for perfection result in the most unique and beautiful creations.
If you are looking for that ‘something special’ for your next occasion, Macaron Delights by Sana offers delicate refinement
that will draw a round of ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from any celebratory crowd.

Macaron Delights by Sana
Winston Hills NSW 2153
P: 0404 225 863
E: shouchar@yahoo.com