Quality Fast Food

Opening in July 2017 as part of the North Kellyville Square shopping complex, The Chook provides quality fast food at an upscale level.

Chicken is the main menu item, but is accompanied by a range of sides with a Middle Eastern influence. Like the Haloumi that is fried into chips and dusted with a unique oregano and sesame spice mix – making it very hard to go back to regular chips. Their chicken wings are slow fried and exceptionally large. These are definitely worth sinking your teeth into, especially on Wednesdays when they are only $1 each. Although fried, they are surprisingly not very oily, but simply sweet, juicy, crispy and lip smacking good.

Hearty Main Meals

The half chicken food coma (also available in quarter chicken version) offers their moist charcoal chicken as part of a meal. The chicken is delicious with just a slight hint of lemon and that unmistakable char grill flavour throughout. The side accompaniments of pickles, tabouli, hommus, baba ghanouj, chips, and essential garlic dip significantly contribute to the ensuing food coma that they warn you about.

While there are plenty of chicken burgers, offered as grilled breast or schnitzel, they also have beef burgers. Made with Angus Beef and caramalised on the grill by Chef John’s special technique of basting in BBQ sauce, these beef patties are packed full of flavour and leave you forgetting you are in a chicken shop. These burgers should come with a warning – mess inevitable, but they are totally worth it. Chef John loves creating special burgers – like the Cowboy with Angus Beef, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and a special BBQ Mayo. So if you’re feeling adventurous – let him surprise you!

The Chook at North Kellyville is great for local families and those seeking an upmarket takeaway experience.

The Chook
12-14 Withers Road
Kellyville NSW 2155
P: 9629 1009
W: http://www.thechook.com.au/
Open: Monday to Saturday 10am to 8am and Sundays 11am to 8am