Takeaway that makes you want to stay all day

Glenhaven’s latest ‘must visit’ eatery is a far cry from the stereotype of its classic Aussie namesake – The Tuckshop. Opening on the first Saturday in February 2014, by the guys
responsible for ‘The Baron’ at Castle The Tuckshop Egg Bacon and Avocado RollHill, the queues lasted all weekend as anticipating locals clamored to be among the first to sample quality takeaway food with a ‘hipster’ city vibe. Such was the wave of popularity that the cafe ran out of stock and had to close earlier than initially planned. In an attempt to avoid the weekend crowds, I paid my first visit to The Tuckshop mid-morning on a Tuesday, hoping to capture some great photos, take in the atmosphere and leisurely choose from the menu. However the unwavering magnetism of this place meant when I arrived that I had to wait in line to order. This did ultimately prove helpful though in giving me time to decide what to choose from the
diverse menu.

As I was still getting over the flu I felt I should try a dose of the ‘good stuff’ in the power packed Green Smoothie that seemed to be a hit with all yoga-dressed patrons. A blend of kale, spinach, berries, banana, mint and coconut water, I was initially glad it tasted more like banana and coconut water than grass. As for the berries though, there was evidence of their seeds mixed in there, but I couldn’t taste them at all. Sadly the straws they provide aren’t thick enough for this Green Monster, and I did eventually need to drink mouthfuls of minty flavoured grass from the cup directly. While my immune system definitely improved from this influx of antioxidants, I’d only have this again if on a health kick – considering their milkshakes are tipped to be somewhere this side of awesome.

Breakfast and Lunch are both served all day, so when it came to choosing what to eat, the entire menu was at my disposal. I was initially tossing up between the Tuckshop Avo on Toast – smashed avocado, house labneh, fresh tomato and dhukka on sonoma soy & linseed, or one of their interesting salad combinations. But then I was tempted to balance out my ‘good’ smoothie with a ‘naughty’ Tradie Roll of smoked bacon, fried egg, smashed hash brown and smokey house BBQ sauce. In the end I went for the Tuckshop’s signature dish – The Cheesy.

The Tuckshop Cheesy Burger

After avoiding junk food for a few weeks, this was a good choice to ‘break out’ on. A huge quality beef patty, cooked medium, served on a brioche bun with cheese, pickles, onions, mustard, a slightly spicy ketchup, and dill – this double handful of deliciousness was close to the best cheeseburger I can ever remember tasting. Trust me – it will be hard to go back to any ordinary cheeseburger after you’ve devoured this one. And while I usually prefer thick cut chips, their accompanying ‘old bay seasoned chips’ tasted better than most fries I’ve tried.

Sourcing their coffee from Single Origin Roasters, your guaranteed it will be great, and their ‘Killer Bee’ blend is slightly on the sweet side, but a very good coffee just the same. The 6am start time is to cater for the early morning walkers and sporting trainers at the adjoining Glenhaven Reserve, and also offers a good takeaway breakfast option for commuters heading into the city for work.

The Tuckshop WaterAs the name suggests, The Tuckshop is more of a takeaway cafe as there’s not enough seating to meet current demand. On this particular midmorning weekday day I shared a table with a group of young girls doing a bible study, while mother’s groups shared with uni students, and Tradies shared with those who had just finished their Pilates class.

The owners have council approval for more dining space outside and will knock out the front main wall to accommodate this. Until that time, be prepared to share your table and make a new friend, or take away and enjoy in one of the adjoining parks.

1/78 Glenhaven Road
Glenhaven NSW 2156
P: 8850 5549
E: hello@tuckshopcoffee.com.au
W: tuckshopcoffee.com.au
Open: 6am to 6pm Weekdays, 6am to 4pm Weekends